SPRINGER Group buys Swedish company WoodEye, thus further expanding its innovation leadership in scanner technology for the lumber industry. Friesach/Austria, April 27, 2015. With the purchase of the Swedish lumber-scanner producer WoodEye, the SPRINGER Group is expanding their product portfolio by camera-based image-processing systems for the lumber industry.

“In WoodEye we will gain a very well established, innovative team,” asserts a very upbeat CEO Timo Springer regarding the expansion of the SPRINGER Group’s portfolio. “WoodEye is a specialist in measuring and detecting all kinds of defects in lumber. This means we can keep the share of waste lumber of the valuable raw material down to a minimum while raising profitability in wood processing.” The automatic detection of various defects in the wood facilitates valuation and the further processing steps. In other words, it is the perfect complement to classical plant construction.

“We’re looking forward to this future cooperation, which will enable us to bring about growth in our core markets,” says Jonas Eklind, who will remain CEO of WoodEye, adding, “The Springer Group was always our ideal partner since Woodeye and Microtec supplement each other optimally. WoodEye customers will now be able to take advantage of a broad range of technologies.”

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