High Performance Lubricants

Superior lubrication delivers maximum performance and economy. That’s why Eagle is an authorized dealer of Cen-Pe-Co brand heavy duty lubricants made by the Central Petroleum Company.

Cen-Pe-Co lubricants enable your equipment to achieve maximum performance while at the same time maintaining the lowest overall operating cost. Their unique combination of high potency additives and 100-percent pure paraffinic base oils results in performance and protection that exceeds the best.

While most other oils are made from mixed crudes of varying quality and origin, the paraffinic base oils used by Cen-Pe-Co provide superior thermal stability, film strength and energy conserving lubricity. The result is a premium oil that outperforms and outlasts conventional brands. We use Cen-Pe-Co lubricants in Eagle machinery and proudly recommend Cen-Pe-Co to our customers.

CenpecoCenpeco products

S3 Engine oil 5W20, 5W30, 10W30, 15W40, SAE 30
Atomic Power – Diesel Fuel Additive
Super Diesel Klenz – Diesel Fuel Additive
Diesel Max – Diesel Fuel Additive
Gas O Klenz – Gasoline Additive
Motor Klenz – Diesel Fuel & Gasoline Additive
Mega Moly – Grease
Syntho Lube – Grease
Automatic Transmission Fluid
Multi Purpose Hydraulic Wet Brake & Transmission Oil
Super Racing oil SAE 50
Bar Chain Oil
Two Cycle Engine Oil
Penetrator – Penetrating Oil
Hydraulic oil ISO 32, ISO 46, ISO 68
Gear Lube, 80W90
Moly Chain Lube
Compressor Oil ISO 32, ISO 46, ISO 68
Aluminum Fiber Roof Coating & Paints[hr]

cenpeco chart[hr]   Jordan Lustik on the Silver Bullet

Jordan Lustik On the Multi-Time National Champion Super Stock Silver Bullet

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